FU PU Running Track


FU PU Running Track

Full Pu running track is a kind of non porous "solid" system running track. It is designed for high level competition and high intensity use facilities. Full Pu has a non porous full depth construction made up of two layers: a base polyurethane cushion layer mixed with rubber granules and a surface layer of polyurethane topped with chopped EPDM rubber granules.
There are two surface installation techniques: 1) spray surface 2) Handcast surface 

1)Spray surface means that the surface layer is installed by mixing PU and EPDM rubber granules and then spray onto the cushion layer with a spay machine. 
Running Track
2)Handcast surface or known as broadcast surface is carried out by firstly paving the two component PU and then spreading the EPDM rubber granules onto the PU.
Running Track
The full PU running track is a type of in-situ system running track, and it mainly consists of two layers: bottom cushion layer and surface top layer. It’s installed by paving the viscous liquid compound to the base, either concrete or asphalt. 

Full PU Running Track Layer Structure
Running TrackRunning Track
 As this type of surface is impermeable to water it relies on a certain drainage slope to keep the running surface free of standing water. Such surfaces are strong and durable, provided they are correctly formulated using compatible raw material ingredients, properly mixed and installed under satisfactory environmental conditions.

Installation Process:
The installation of the thickness of this solid track system is controlled by the height of screed bars. 
For the handcast surface, the liquid resin mix is given a textured finish by broadcasting specially formulated coloured EPDM rubber granules on to the surface and allowing the the polyurethane to cure. Following cure, the excess surfacing granules are removed.
In terms of spray surface, the surface texture is formed by spraying the mixture of the coloured EPDM rubber granules and PU resins with a high pressure spray machine. By spraying, the surface of the track is more wear resistant compared to handcast surface. 
Running TrackPrimer Paving
Running TrackScreed Bar Height Adjus
Running TrackCushion Layer Pavin
Running TrackFirst Cushion Laye
Running TrackSecond Cushion Layer
Running TrackSurface Spray
Running TrackLine Marking
Running TrackJob Finished
Test Item Reference Unit Standard Data Test Result  
Thickness WA mm ≥13mm 13mm Qualified
Force Reduction WA % 35-50 43 Qualified
Vertical Deformation WA mm 0.6-2.5 1.5 Qualified
Friction (Wet) WA TRRL Scale Reading ≥47 57 Qualified
Tensile Property WA Mpa ≥0.5 0.95 Qualified
Elongation at Break WA % ≥40 120 Qualified
Other Properties
Length In-situ Thickness Options In-situ
Color Options

Packing and Samples
Running TrackRunning Track
More Information (Standard Running Track Dimensions)
Running Track

Shapes and Dimensions of 400m Standard Track(Radius 36.5) (Dimensions in m)
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