FU PU Running Track

Introduction: Full Pu running track is a kind of non porous "solid" system running track. It is designed for high level competition and high intensity use facilities. Full Pu has a non porous full depth c

SPU Sport Floor

Introduction: Silicon PU or SPU is a type of PU resin. It is composite material of organic silicon and PU. Compared to traditional PU resin, the SPU has longer service life, and it is easier to install, easier to mainta

Prefabricated Rubber Running Track

Introduction: Prefabricated track is a type of rubber roll sheet prefabricated in factory and bonded with adhesive to the base.  It is made from a rubber compound, processed by calendering followed by curing and r

EPDM/SBR Rubber Floor for Playground, Park and Entertainment Area

Introduction: Made by EPDM polymers, rubber softening oil, calcium carbonates and pigments, EPDM rubber granules serve as the durable and visually appealing top layer on poured in place sport and playground surfaces. It

Sport Artificial Turf for Football Field and Futsal

Introduction: SSG sport artificial turf, popularly applied as football field turf is made of S-Shape grass yarns which is resilient and standing. This yarn structure allows the grass blade to recover immediately after b

Sports wood floor surface

The production of Sports wood floor surface requires more than 10 inspection processes. All processes are strictly in compliance with environmental protection standards. During the processing, our sports wood floor do no

Sports wood floor system

The common sports floor system structures on the market now are mainly single-layer keel and double-layer keel. The most widely used materials for the single-layer keel structure and double-layer keel structure are larch

Landcape Artificial Installation Machine---- Grass Brushing Machine

Introduction   The SCJ-1500 is designed for artificial grass combing and maintenance. The CSJ-1.2D is for sand and rubber granules infilling into the artificial lawn and for coming the grass. The

Synthetic Running Track Spray Machine----Running Track Installation Machine

Introduction  The PTJ-120 and PTJ-100 paving machine are designed for surface spray of athletic running track The mixing running track materials are poured into the hopper of machine and th
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