Prefabricated Rubber Running Track


Prefabricated Rubber Running Track

Prefabricated track is a type of rubber roll sheet prefabricated in factory and bonded with adhesive to the base. 
It is made from a rubber compound, processed by calendering followed by curing and rolling. It is largely non-porous and has an embossed or textured surface finish to improve traction and slip resistance. The prefabricated sheet is produced in controlled condition in factory and therefore the thickness and width are accurate, providing uniform performance. 
Running TrackRunning Track
Calendered in Factory

Running TrackRunning Track
Controlled Thickness and Width

Running TrackRunning Track
Curing and Rolling

The prefabricated roll sheet consists of two layer bottom layer and surface top layer. It’s installed with PU adhesive to the base, either concrete or asphalt.

Running TrackRunning Track

Prefabricated Running Track Layer Structure:
Running Track


The vulcanized rubber surface layer with raised emboss is good combination of comfort and performance. Such texture provides not only elasticity and spike resistance but also excellent grip and traction. 

Running Track


The honeycomb backing reduces shock impact and maximizes energy return and at the same time ensures sound binding to the base.

Installation Process:
The installation of the material requires a high degree of skill and accuracy. The sheet must be bonded to the base of the track with adhesive. The butt joints must be soundly executed, both between adjacent sheets of surfacing and between the surface and the perimeter edges of the track or runway.
Running Track
Test Item Reference Unit Standard Data Test Result  
Thickness WA mm ≥13mm 13mm Qualified
Force Reduction WA % 35-50 43 Qualified
Vertical Deformation WA mm 0.6-2.5 2.4 Qualified
Friction (Wet) WA TRRL Scale Reading ≥47 68 Qualified
Tensile Property WA Mpa ≥0.5 1.1 Qualified
Elongation at Break WA % ≥40 262 Qualified
Other Properties
Length 15m/Customized Thickness Options 9mm/13mm
Color Options

Other Information (Packing and Samples)
Running TrackRunning Track

More Information (Standard Running Track Dimensions)
Running Track

Shapes and Dimensions of 400m Standard Track(Radius 36.5) (Dimensions in m)
Running Track
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