Sport Artificial Turf for Football Field and Futsal


Sport Artificial Turf for Football Field and Futsal

SSG sport artificial turf, popularly applied as football field turf is made of S-Shape grass yarns which is resilient and standing. This yarn structure allows the grass blade to recover immediately after being pressed. Thus it is popularly used in fast-moving and high-intensity matches.

SSG sport artificial turf's S-Shape fibers enhance blade resilience and upright property and engineered memory structure helps blade to bounce back quickly.

Sport Artificial Turf

SSG sport artificial turf With top quality and performance backed by DOW master-batch, it’s a good combination of resilience and natural feel.

Sport Artificial Turf
Technical Properties:
Key Facts
Model SSG-FB12000
Grass Height 40mm,45mm,50mm,55mm,60mm
Grass Yarn PE Monofilament (Stem)
Dtex 11000
Gauge 5/8, 3/4 Available
Stitch Rate 130 to 250 stitches/m or as Requested
Color Dark Green, Light Green
Backing PP+Net+SBR Latex
Roll Width 2m or 4m Available
Roll Length 15 to 50 m
Packing In Roll with Film Cover

Packing and Samples:
Sport Artificial Turf
Sport Artificial Turf
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