Vinyl Sport Floor for Badminton Court


Vinyl Sport Floor for Badminton Court

The sand pattern indoor vinyl sport floor is popularly used in badminton court. Its 0.5mm transparent wear-resisting surface enhances anti-skid and anti-fouling performance.
Featured by double glassmech layers and highly compact PVC forming layer, the floor deformation is largely minimized and enable sport players to have better and safer performance.
Vinyl Sport Floor Sand Pattern Layer Structure :

Badminton Vinyl Floor

Installation Process:

Installation Tools:
1)Auto Slot Device
2) Welding Gun 
3) Floor Cutter
4) Moon Blade Knife
5)  2 Meters Soft Steel Ruler
6) Welding Rope
7) Adhesive Tape

Badminton Vinyl Floor
Step 1 Grooving

Badminton Vinyl FloorBadminton Vinyl Floor
Step 2 Welding                                                                  Step 3 Trimming
Badminton Vinyl FloorBadminton Vinyl Floor
Technical Properties:
Key Facts
Patterns Sand
Colors Green, Blue, or Customized
Thickness 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm
Size Width 1.8m, Length 15m or customized

Other Information (Packing and Samples):
Badminton Vinyl Floor
Badminton Vinyl Floor
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