From Car Repair Workshop to Basketball Training Center---SPU Sport Floor

From Car Repair Workshop to Basketball Training Center---SPU Sport Floor

With the implementation of the Nationwide Physical Fitness Program and the issue of the Outline for Building a Leading Sports Nation whose target is promoting the national health and physical condition of the general population, sports industry in China is experiencing a boom in recent years. The growth of the sport industry has gained attention of many investors. Noticing the niche of this industry, a number of investors begin to involve in sports training business or sport facility construction.

Mr. Zhang is one of those investors who holds very possitive attitude towards sports industry and engages himself in basketball training business. He analyzed nearby citizen’s sport need, rent an indoor car repair workshop and started the renovation of the workshop, aiming to changing the existing workshop to a brand-new basketball training center. Based on the existing condition of the workshop, Mr. Zhang chose the SPU sport floor material as his new basketball court floor material. 

Basic Facts of the Existing Workshop
      1) It can be clearly seen that there are cracks over the floor
      2)There is general slope from the center to the two sides and the floor is not flat
      3)The light is dim and the walls are dirty

Pic 1 Workshop before Renovation

The renovation project starts by removing the garbage, the unnecessary lights and hardware. Walls are then refurbished with white putty powder. Next is site measurement and floor plan design.

Pic 2 Site Measured by Laser before Installing the Basketball Stands

Pic 3 Fixed Type of Basketball Stands are Installed

In terms of the floor, it is firstly grinded to improve the smoothness of the old floor. Then comes to cleaning of the floor and cutting of the cracks. When the preparation work is done, the SPU sport court material is applied.

Firstly, primer is rolled onto the concrete floor for water proof.

Pic 4 Primer is Applied onto the Floor

Secondly, the cracks are repaired with SPU cushion material and the uneven areas are leveled by SPU cushion material. As the SPU cushion material is self-leveling, it is popularly used to level the uneven base and due to its elasticity, it is also used as safety floor, playground floor and sport floor.

Pic 5 Cracks and Uneven Areas Repaired by SPU Cushion Material

Thirdly, two layers of SPU cushion material are laid on the floor. One layer is of around 1.5mm of thickness. It takes around 6-10 hours for one layer of SPU cushion material to dry, depending on moisture and temperature at site. After the two layers of cushion material, the floor appears to be flat as mirror and reflection can be seen from the floor.

Pic 6 Floor after Two Layers of SPU Cushion Material

At last, two layers of surface paint and line mark are applied.

Pic 7 Floor After Surface Paint

Pic 8 Floor in Line Marking

Floor renovation is then completed. And the new basketball training center is put into service.

  Pic 9 Floor after Renovation

Pic 10 Players in the New Basketball Training Center