SSG’S Sandwich Running Track and Full PU Running Track Are Certified As WA Products

SSG’S Sandwich Running Track and Full PU Running Track Are Certified As WA Products

World Athletics (abbreviated as WA), formerly known as International Association of Athletics Federation ( abbreviated as IAAF ) is the international governing body for the sport of athletics. It is in charge of the the standardization of rules and regulations for the sports, certification of athletic facilities.

SSG Sports is pleased to announce that our Sandwich running rrack and full PU running track meet all the technical requirements of the World Athletics Rules for the relevant competitions and thus being awarding the WA Product Certificate.

Sandwich Running Track WA Certificate        Full PU  Running Track WA Certificate

More Information about Sandwich Running Track and Full PU Running Track

Sandwich rubber running track, also known as tartan running track, or double-decker/composite system running track is formed from a base mat of resin-bound rubber crumb of 9 to 10mm of thickness. The base mat is then sealed with PU mixed with fine rubber crumb. Then comes to the handcast EPDM surface or spray surface.

The durability of sandwich rubber running track lies in between that of the two other in-situ systems: full PU system and spray coat system. The performance of the surface is similar to that of the full PU except that the force reduction and the vertical deformation would tend to be slightly higher than the full Pu running track .


Full Pu running track is a kind of non porous "solid" system running track. It is designed for high level competition and high intensity use facilities. Full Pu has a non porous full depth construction made up of two layers: a base polyurethane cushion layer mixed with rubber granules and a surface layer of polyurethane topped with chopped EPDM rubber granules .