The First Pan Sport Summit of Shengbang Group 2023

The First Pan Sport Summit of Shengbang Group 2023

As Chinese sport business is embracing its spring in the recent years during which the national fitness infrastructure has been improving and  related business such as sport tutoring, sport tourism, sport event management is flourishing, the First Pan Sport Summit of Shengbang Group 2023 ("Summit") was held in Feb 17th, 2023 to further tap into the booming sport industry in China. 

During the event, the Summit featured 6 sport related influencers sharing their unique perspectives and ideas on sport business development integrating physical fitness,tourism, culture, and technology while capturing the resulting opportunities. The Summit welcomed over 150 sport related practitioners from different regions of China.

PIC 1  Sport Sector Related Influencers Sharing Insights

PIC 2 General Project Manager of Shengbang Group Mr. Song Xiangyu Introducing the Pan Sport Belt

Not only insights of sport sector are shared and discussed in the summit, but also charity fund raising for improving the sport infrastructure for underprivileged school in Guangdong rural areas is kicked off.

Moved by the movie Starry Road which is based on the real-life story of student from poor family achieving rope jumping world champions after overcoming a series of obstacles, Shengbang Group initiate the Starry Road Charity event. It aims to refurbish the sport courts of schools in rural areas so that the children can enjoy sport in a safe and joyful environment.

PIC 3 Starry Road Charity Kicks Off  

PIC 4 Charity Auction for Fund Raising

PIC 5 Donation Handover to Shcool in Need
With company vision of building safe sport venues for children, CEO of Shengbang Group Mr. Luo Congdian hopes that the event brings warmth and joy to the participants and more people in the future.

PIC 6 CEO of Shengbang Group Mr. Luo Congdian Giving Speech