Inauguration Ceremony of “Basketball Court Renovation Project” in Sihui High School

Inauguration Ceremony of “Basketball Court Renovation Project” in Sihui High School

Developed in response to the demands of kids and youth and in Sihui Disctrict, Guangdong Province , Shengbang Sport partner with Jeremy Lin-Li Qun Sports Foundation to present “ Sport Court Renovation Project” . This project aims to address the lack of opportunities for kids and youth to play basketball on safe and proper sport courts and to promote sport development in Sihui community.  

The grand inauguration ceremony of the first batch of 19 renewed basketball courts is held on May 20th, in Sihui High School. Shengbang Sport are lucky to witness first-hand the joy of the students playing basketball in and after curriculum.  

Inauguration Ceremony of Renewed Basketball Courts

As mentioned by Shengbang’s CEO in the inauguration ceremony, there are a number of schools in Guangdong Province that are not equipped with proper sport courts and sport facilities, Shengbang Sport, being sport floor material manufacturer and sport court builder, will continue to make contribution to the ongoing sport court renovation project, hoping to give more students access to safe yet fun sport environment.

Donation Commemorative Plaques Ceremony

The sports courts not only bring mental and physical benefits to students, but also provide Shengbang with the springboard to get involved with more communities sport events. We are delighted to know that there will be communities basketball game held in these renewed basketball courts.

Sport Courts in Sihui High School After Renovation

Sport Courts in Sihui Huanggang Middle School After Renovation

Before Renovation                                                        After Renovation

Before Renovation                                                      After Renovation

Ongoing Sport Court Renovation Project